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Audit of Service Level Agreement

What is it?

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a formal agreement between the customer and supplier on service description, responsibiliries on service delivery and acceptance as well as level of service provisioning.

Frequently term SLA is applicable to IT or telecommunication services. SLA may contain the detailed description of service (or services) including quality control, quality measurement and monitoring, supplier's response time on customer's request and penalties for violence of the agreed service level.

Why do you need this?

SLA is required to define quality of service inline with agreement. SLA answers on the question «what are we actually paying for?». Additionally it is one of the best methods to control supplier's party. It contains service description, rights and liabilities of the interested parties, and service characteristics:

  • Detailed serivce specification
  • Available service options
  • Terms and conditions
  • Types of request for service
  • Responsible for service delivery
  • Responsible for decision making process
  • Service quotation (depending on case)

To have SLA in place is important as soon as you always sign in writing contract when you make business since this document registers declared arrangement in the view acceptable and understandable by both interested parties. In case of any kind of violation having SLA in place will protect you effectively.

SLA monitoring and review

SLA must be considered as dynamically changed document, wich should be periodically reviewed and changedin the following cases:

  • external circumstances has been changed;
  • customer's expectations and/or needs has been changed;
  • working performance has been changed;
  • better means or methods of performance measurement has been appeared.

If stability of the service is critical for your business it is good to attract outsourcing company wich has strong service level agreement in place.

Active audit agency experts will help you to complete SLA properly and perform review and monitoring of current SLA.

We will make you confident that you get what you pay for.

Time and resources spent on proper SLA will be payed back. As on all long term business relations it is better that parties will stay clear on what they expect from each other. And if something goes wrong it is better to have document in place then rearrange new agreement.