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Business Process Management

The world permanetly changes and this requires from business flrxibility, quick process adaptation, release new products and develop new lines. making decision about investment in the new project you must be sure about its result quality, control and return on investment. Formalized approach in project and business process management will allow you to forget about the following annoying questions:

  • Why it is always something which bothers to complete task in time?
  • Why so brightful ideas are turned to boring and expensive toys?
  • Why important information about project or process state is not available to responsible persons?
  • Who is responsible and for what in the project (process)?

What do you get from this?

Effective business process management as well as project management gives to your company an advantage over competitors. You may stay confident in investment controland results quality and create strategic plans!
Business Process Management (BPM) process - is a set of procedures, approaches and tools which help to describe, formalize and optimize business processes and successfully complete projects for theirs improvement especially:

  • methodology of project portfolio management to reach strategic goals;
  • methodology of project and process msnsgement aligned with your organizational structure;
  • change management, planning, quality control techniques;
  • approaches to create effective communication around the project to all interested parties;
  • IT infrastructure which supports business process and/or project;
  • personnel is ready to maintain and support business process and projects.

What do we propose?

Active audit agency will help you to implement busimess process management and project management in your company:

  • buriness requirements analysis;
  • project and business process management training for your personnel;
  • customization business and project management methodology to your needs including policies, procedures, project documentation;
  • project portfolio management;
  • training to use specialized software;
  • project office structure and project management process implementation;
  • project audit and support.
  • We use modern methodology for project management based on business processes.