Active Audit Agency

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Active audit agency Code of Conduct

Our values

Who we are:

  • We are the people that demonstrate business reliability, respect to customers, partners and teamwork.
  • We are the people that uncompromising to quality and connection between the word and deed.
  • We are the people that build relations to our partners based on honesty, decency and openness.

Our values define our behaviour. All that we do is on the high level. We never save on quality, we aim to meet our customers' expectations and satisfy theirs needs. We are responsible individually and together for our words, actions and results of our work.

We live in accordance to our corporate values and mesure our success via success of our customers, partners and people we work together.

Code of Conduct and ethics of Active audit agency

Active audit agency Code of conduct lies on the basis of all what we start. It gives us an ethical guidance when making decisions.

Our Code of Conduct and ethics consists of five categories, which contain guiding principles for all activities:

  1. Responsibility and reliability;
  2. Confidentiality and secrecy;
  3. Objectivity and independance;
  4. Professionalism and highest quality;
  5. Respect to our business, customers and partners.

Responsibility and reliability

We are committed to act completely responsible and with respect to ethical principles. Our responsibility is connected to our business. We make business according to professional and ethical standards and rules, not giving a chance to conduct ourselves unworthy.

Active audit agency is working responsibly:

  • With its customers and partners to deliver high quality services.
  • With employees to deliver favorable and equal working conditions and to give opportunities for professional growth.
  • With community to develop social projects and protect environment we live.

Confidentiality and secrecy

Active audit agency builds its cooperation with customers based on mutual and long-time perspectives sticking to professional ethics rules and keeping confidentiality and secrecy of recieved information.

We guarantee that all commercial, technical and other information recieved from the customer or partner during preliminary collaborations, during quotation, in time and after services delivery no matter were there non-disclosure agreement or not will be kept in secret. This is true for all services we deliver.

Objectivity and independance

We appreciate our reputation and our customers' trustworthy thus we guarantee objectivity and independance on services delivery. This is our responsibilityto avoid ations or relationship, which may violate or break our independence and impartiality. We object customer's or any other party pressure on us.

Professionalism and the highest quality

Our goal - the highest quality and perfect results. We support our customers' and partners' aspiration to the best quality and offer them solutions which overcome theirs expectations. Thus Active audit agency actively rearches and invites to work only qualified professionals and yang self made specialists with a big potential and targeted for self-development. Our company helps its employees to grow and developing personally and professionally. Our company rewards professionalism and willing to create nessesary conditions to deliver highest quality services.

Respect our business, customers and partners

Respect is one of the main principles of our business activities. We build our relationship internally inside our team and with our customers and partners with respect. We respect opinion of our employees, we respectfully traet our customers and partners. Respect and understanding principles are the basics in our work and lifestyle.