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ethical hack

Ethical hacking

What is it?

Ethical hacking – is the method of information system security assesment by simulating targeted attack. The main goal of this test - to detect information system vulnerabilities.

This attack is conducted from the potential hacker position and may exploit breaches and vulnerabilities found during the scan, but highly qualified specialists will follow certain ethics during this attack.

The difference between ethicak hack and real hack:
Hack Penetration test
No ethics Specialists stricly follow ethics
Hacker acts without permission Each step is authorized by system owner
Conducted with possible financial and other loss Limits of the test are strictly defined
Hacker will not give you a report Customer recieves the detailed report
Vulnerabilities are exploited for the own goals of hackers Vulnerabilities are detected in order to remove or reduce theirs impact

Why do we need this?

Ethical hacking is the part of information system audit or can be conducted separetely.

Ethical hacking allows to guess the efforts in order to gain unauthorized access to your corporate system, network or Web-site, or broke normal IS functioning.

As a result of ethical hacking you will get:

  • Confidence in reliability and security of your information assets from potential hacking;
  • Rationale on IT investments;
  • Growing reputation of the company, increase of customer's and partner confidence.

Also you will get the answers on the following questions:

  • Is my system protected enough?
  • What information can be compromised by hacker?
  • What business processes can be broken by hacker?
  • What is the potential impact from detected vulnerabilities?
  • Will our security systems detect the hacking attempt?

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