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security awareness

Information Security awareness program

Today business contains information security risks. Usually managers are completely rely on technologies to reduce potential losses.

The only thing all technologies are created, managed and results collected by people. Then it is fair that security must not only spread on thechnologies but also take into account human factor.

Information security awareness program helps to teach your employees to react on security threats properly whether they in the office or at home.

Active audit agency offers full set of solutions to conduct information security awareness.

You may order the following elements of awareness:

Security awareness posters:

Our posters are developed to attract users'attention to actual information security topics using interesting subjects and high quality graphics. You may place them in the rest rooms or kitchens and other places and send messages to your users regarding information security subjects.


Security awareness poster
Security awareness poster

You may order:

  • one of the already developed posters
  • annual subscription ( 2 new posters every month)
  • new design and subject of the posters with you corporate requirements

Security awareness screensaver:

Screensavers may contain 5 and more subjects, containing slide show, video or flash-movie, shown on the computer after it is locked or inactive during certain interval.

Screensaver may contain subjects from our database or newly developed to your needs.

Office accessories:

Office accessories with printed reminders on information security are one of the best instruments to communicate security awareness to the personnel, besides everybody likes to recive gifts.

Also you may use tens of tools on office working space: pens, USB memory sticks, files, folders, steplers, computer mouses, rulers, calendars and stickers. All of this may become a communication channel to bring information security ideas to all users of your system.