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Development of business requirements for information system

What is it?

Business requirements for information security of the system are the part of all requirements to the IT system. Those requirements are usually needed for technical specifications for information system or an application.

Why do we need this?

It is obvious that system requirements development is a critical process for any kind of projects in the company. Properly given business requirements for information security are important for the further functioning of the IT system in the future.

Usually, information security requirements come from the list of security functions provided by certain product or system. However, the analysis of system protection level has not performed. Thus, you will spend money to reduce found vulnerabilities and to cover losses, caused by breaches in information security system. An expences for business requirements developoment during project initiation and implementation of information systems are less, than after it is up and running.

Information security requirements development will allow you:

  • To be sure that new system architecture is secure;
  • To reduce risk of unsuccessful implementation;
  • To increase system vitality during its lyfecycle;
  • Increase return on investments via reducing possible losses due to system design;
  • To evaluate really success and advantages from new system implementation;
  • System compliance to the requirements from corporate, government, and others standards.

This service is targeted for software developers, system integrators, service providers, and other companies, which try to reduce losses from security breaches.

How do we develop business requirements for information system

Active Audit Agency propose to perform this development in several stages.

The stages of development are:

requirements for information system