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Information Security services outsourcing

What is it?

Outsourcing is a business activity of performing predefined tasks or business processes for normal business functioning by external organization (or persons). As a rule it is used to optimize enterprise performance on the main subject of added value creation transferring noncore tasks or roles to external specialized companies.

Why do you need this?

Information security (IS) outsourcing allows you to reduce expences on information security and concentrate on core business processes.

Active audit agency is specialized on services related to information security area. We are actively monitor the problems in this area and permanently invest to solutions, technology development and personnel professional growth.

Narrow specialization in the subject of information security allow us to perform information security and risk management functions in the most effective way. And thankfully to typical operations for a variaty of customers we may offer a reasonable prices for our services.

In order to provide the same quality independentlyyou will need significant investments into personnel, equipment, software. You must remember this calculating economical effect when switching to outsource. Frequently those components are ommitted or compared services price with personnel expences. Having all this in mind it is better to outsource in some cases.


  • ability to use third party professional experience, gained resolving similar tasks, and to have permanent access to the new technologies and knowledges;
  • cutting expences;
  • tax optimization;
  • release internal recources for other tasks;
  • increase quality of required products and services;
  • focus your company on core activities;
  • mitigate risks connected with business prosessesimplementation;
  • partially transferring risks to other company;
  • increase investment attractiveness.

How to outsource information security?

Active audit agency В offers to outsource the following information security services (separately or bundled):


Service Level Agreement parameters

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed for every customer individually depending on order form. The main goal of SLA is to give a qualitative and quantitative description of the services from both sides customer and supplier.